NautoPilot 5000

NautoPilot 5000
adaptive heading control system

Ship autopilots take over control according to a fixed course or according to a predetermined route (waypoint list). On larger ships they are integrated into a comprehensive electronic navigation system (ECDIS).

NautoPilot 5000 has been specially designed for all ships of 100 m length and above. NP 5000 is the top-of-the-range Anschütz autopilot and combines best steering performance with reduced rudder activity for less fuel consumption.

Key Benefits

Steering performance

Anschütz autopilot systems use proven steering algorithms and are well recognized for precise steering performance and reliability.

  • Heading control mode, and in addition course control and track control modes
  • In course control mode the autopilot compensates drift deviations automatically
  • Approved as part of a track control system in combination with several ECDIS

Advanced functional range

Besides steering performance, NP 5000 offers a multitude of unique functions that support safe and economic autopilot operation.

  • Fuel-saving thanks to weather adaptivity (ECO-mode)
  • Simple adjustment of autopilots parameters by use of heading and rudder plotter
  • Cross acceleration monitor for identification of dangerous situations
  • High precision track controller (e.g. when sailing in archipelagos)

Easy familiarization

Crews will feel familiar with NP 5000 after a few minutes due to its intuitive operating philosophy and a 5.7” graphical touch display.

  • Main functions are operated via hard keys, e.g. course change by turning and pushing the knob
  • Secondary functions are operated via soft keys on the touch screen
  • Graphical information provided by the display eases operation

Four different NP 5000 autopilot licenses


Autopilot handling has never been easier

NP 5000 has a clear menu structure. A well-arranged, graphical presentation of information supports navigators in autopilot adjustments as well as in the optimization of steering performance. NP 5000 is equipped with an integrated heading and rudder plotter, which provides a graphical indication of heading changes and rudder activity.

This indication instantaneously indicates the steering performance of the autopilot due to the effects of changes to parameter settings such as rudder, counter rudder and yawing. The operator benefits from simple adjustments of the autopilot’s settings to gain optimized steering performance and minimal rudder action.

Main screen day
Main Screen Night
Parameter memory
Parameter settings
Course control mode
Track control mode
Hdg and rudder plotter
Position monitor

Do you care about fuel consumption?

In Economy mode the intelligent adaptivity of NP 5000 analyses the yawing movements oft he vessel. Periodical movement will be identified and the controller reduces its sensitivity to such movements. Subsequently less rudder action is required, which leads to lower levels of speed reduction and thus less fuel consumption – automatically and continuously

Comparing the heading and rudder plot

Oil tanker between Skagen and New York with similar weather conditions.

Old autopilot

NP 5000

Left: shows the results of the vessel’s last voyage before retrofitting the old autopilot system. Right: shows results of the following voyage with NP 5000. It becomes obvious that rudder movement is more economic and gentle with NP 5000. Less fuel consumption and more efficient ship operation.

System integration

NP 5000 is easy to integrate in newbuilding or refit projects. The best way is to combine NP 5000 with a NautoSteer AS steering gear control system by using the redundant CAN bus. Autopilot control is simply activated by pushing the heading control button. For use in combination with other steering gear control systems or in refits, an interface unit is available. This interface unit provides a multitude of interfaces to the steering gear control system or directly to the steering gear. NP 5000 is activated via a steering mode selector switch.

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