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Anschütz Advanced Steering Gear Control for Carnival Corporation

The German navigation system manufacturer Raytheon Anschütz has won a contract about the supply of NautoSteer Advanced Steering Gear Control Systems to two prototype cruise ships. The cruise ships are being built at Fincantieri’s Monfalcone shipyard for the British-American Carnival Corporation.


Carnival will operate the new cruise ships under their Princess Cruises brand. At 141,000 gross tons and with a capacity of 3,600 passengers, the newbuilds will be the flagships in the Princess Cruises fleet and the largest ships ever built at Fincantieri shipyard. Being designed as prototypes, they are also said to be two of the most exclusive and innovative cruise ships in the world. The delivery of the first ship, named “Royal Princess”, is planned for spring 2013, the second newbuild is expected to follow one year later.

Raytheon Anschütz supplies a redundant Standard 22 gyro compass system, the brand-new NautoSteer AS Steering Gear Control, and the autopilot NautoPilot 5300 coming with a color touch display and fuel saving capabilities such as weather adaptivity and a heading and rudder plotter.

The NautoSteer AS steering gear control system onboard the cruise ships includes advanced features, such as integrated steering failure monitoring, wire-break monitoring and data integrity monitoring. Another key contribution to increased safety is a simplified steering mode selector switch with two independent steering positions: A ‘Direct NFU’ tiller that controls the steering gear directly without use of electronics and a ‘Main’ steering position for all other controls based on redundant CAN-bus technology.

Olav Denker, Product Manager at Raytheon Anschütz, explains: “Safety was the main aspect for the development of the NautoSteer AS Steering Gear Control System. In addition we focused on a user-oriented operating concept. Nautosteer AS prevents from switching from a defective steering control to another defective steering control position. In case of an evasive action or emergency, when time is crucial, this architecture supports the crew in their fast and safe decision making.”

The Princess Cruises newbuilds will be equipped with a main steering control system consisting of follow-up bustillers, a handwheel and the adaptive autopilot NP 5300. Rudder mode operator units allow activating synchronous or independent rudder control. Within the main steering control system take-over of steering control is possible from any steering position on the bridge by pressing a single button.

As an integral part of the steering control system the NP 5300 autopilot further supports safety through its highly precise steering performance.  In new course control mode, for example, the autopilot compensates for drift automatically and keeps the vessel on the defined course over ground. Compared with the common heading control mode, this leads to a more precise course keeping capability and increased safety.

The new NautoSteer AS steering control series has been launched in 2011. Apart from adding safety, NautoSteer AS brings improvements in the area of handling through a consistent and user-friendly operating philosophy. At shipyards NautoSteer AS steering control simplifies installation with easier wiring of standard power and bus connections, less cabling as well as quicker PC-based commissioning and system set-up.

“The new generation of our gyro and steering gear control systems was developed with regard to highest performance requirements. Princess Cruises will benefit from a reliable, safe and efficient ship operation”, Olav Denker concludes.

As per today, Raytheon Anschütz holds contracts about the supply of the new steering control systems to various megayachts, to gas tankers, heavy lifters and to various containership newbuilds and retrofit programs. 

The new NautoSteer Advanced Steering Control System is also demonstrated live at the Raytheon Anschütz Booth # 304 in Hall B6 during SMM 2012.