Synapsis ECDIS NX

SYNAPSIS ECDIS NX - working with ECDIS has never been so easy!

ECDIS NX was designed from the ground up with continuous user participation - making ECDIS NX the world’s first user-defined ECDIS. The objective with ECDIS NX was not only to explicitly consider the human element in all stages during software design, but to create an application with the help of seafarers for seafarers and with an unparalleled intuitiveness in use and function.

This makes ECDIS NX also a perfect solution for retrofits. ECDIS NX was designed to effectively support the daily tasks and use cases of navigators. During route monitoring the navigator benefits from a maximum chart area display. Important operational functions are available on a single click, and indications can be fixed or retracted as needed, based on navigator preferences.

Facts & features for safe navigation

  • Smart route planning (wizard-guided process), powerful route manager
  • Intuitive principles such as point to chart and drag‘n‘drop for waypoints
  • Maximum chart display and smart look-ahead zones
  • Central chart management and central route management
  • Highly precise track control Cat. C (Anschütz autopilots)
  • Options, including digital radar video overlay including display of merged multi-radar video sources, tender tracking, and additional chart formats such as ARCS and BSB.

Learn more about our new ECDIS NX

Most intuitive Route Planning with ECDIS NX
Smart tools and an intuitive concept simplify route planning with SYNAPSIS ECDIS NX. Route planning is an intuitive and guided process, accessible directly through the menu. Waypoints can easily be set by pointing on the chart, adjusting waypoints or track limits can be made by "drag & drop" - it just needs few clicks to plan any route safely.

Advanced ECDIS for Cruise Ships and Yachts
The world's most sophisticated ships, such as cruise ships and mega yachts, often require additional functions in order to increase safety or to fulfill operational requirements . These optional upgrades include highly precise track control Cat. C, digital radar video overlay including display of merged multi-radar video sources, or tender tracking.

Advanced Route Planning and Voyage Management
Comprehensive route planning and voyage management tools within ECDIS NX provide effective support to the crew on board, including route exchange for optimization purposes and individual annotations. A capable route Manager and wizard-guided processes ensure most intuitive operation.

ECDIS NX route planning
ECDIS NX route monitor

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