Conning NX

Conning NX
centralized data display for the ship’s command!

Conning NX makes all bridge navigation and machinery status data easily available at a glance. The combination of different instruments and indications at a central display increases situational awareness, even in critical situations of maneuvering and docking. It provides the operator with efficient help in right decision making; Conning NX is a strong contributor to safety at sea.

Additional situational awareness, easy to add to a system.

  • Not only a display: Conning allows operation of various functions (depending on the individual configuration, e.g. sensor selection, centralized alert presentation)

  • Different pre-configured pages for different maneuvering situations (e.g. navigation, docking, track)

  • Flexible application design allows creation of individual graphics and pages

  • Remote displays in bridge wings

  • Powerful, ultra-compact processor without moving parts

Simplifying docking maneuvers

Type approval & standards

Compliant to latest IMO standard for bridge alert management (MSC.302(87))

Conning NX application on 12“ Touch Panel

The new Touch Panel is a smart multifunctional display. Together with the Touch Panels, Conning NX can provide the HMI for a centralized alert HMI (CAM-HMI) of the INS, on bridge level or as a bridge alert management system for DNVGL Class Notation NAUT OSV. Furthermore, thanks to its modular and user-oriented structure, Conning NX can integrate various analog and digital displays within customized display pages. Customer-specific, switchable elements can be created for dedicated functional pages and to actuate the respective hardware interfaces.

Conning NX pages

System Status
Repeater Display
Central Alert Management
Sensor Display

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