BlackVelvet Design

BlackVelvet Design
seamless design of hardware controls

BlackVelvet Advanced Design is a new, modular and customizable foil panel solution, which allows creation of an eye-catching, seamless bridge design with standardized HMI for various bridge control devices. The benefit is having a unified surface design, with common lighting, colors, and fonts, as well as foil-impressed push buttons for a common haptics.

The foil panels are based on reliable CAN-bus technology and feature newly engineered, flexibly programmable interfaces to connect with third-party operation devices, for example engine remote control, bow and stern thrusters or azimuth controls. Using the panel solution, formerly inhomogeneous control devices of different manufacturers can be adapted to the well accepted Anschütz design and haptics. The new Synapsis NX Touch Panels are a perfect complement to this solution, focusing on a consistent look and feel, flexibility and the highest level of functionality.

Facts & features for safe navigation

  • Seamless, attractive design of all bridge control devices
  • Simplified operation and increased awareness
  • Modular panel layout allows customizing solutions
  • Proven subsystem technology as the base for advanced function
  • One responsible contact for project management, integration and service

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