System Architecture

Synapsis NX Architecture

Synapsis now comes with the smart “next generation” system architecture – this is what the “NX” stands for. Synapsis NX is built on a holistic system concept. Sensor data are fed into the system centrally via LAN converters and made available (together with charts and the radar video) for navigation in a redundant LAN network. All nautical applications run on standardized marine PCs. The function is defined later using the software , so that the entire INS becomes a software-defined system – with each workplace being able to carry out any desired system function or be available to do so. This way, Synapsis NX increases redundancy, flexibility and scalability. 

  • Entirely LAN-based system – all sensor data and radar video on LAN 
  • Only three HW components for any system (in required redundancy)
  • Common SW backbone enables easy adaptation of applications / sensors / workstations
  • “True” any function / any place principle thanks to same SW on each console
  • Built-in safety, thanks to integrated redudancies
  • Future-proof thanks to easy updates and extensions

NautoScan NX –LAN-based radar sensor

The new NautoScan NX radar transceivers use state-of-the-art network technology. Key benefits are the redundant Gigabit LAN video distribution – instead of analog video distribution – and the raw data processing on workstation level for high flexibility and optimized performance of various end user applications. Read more…

Multifunctional workstations

Synapsis NX Workstations can be easily configured according to customer’s requirements – from a radar or ECDIS workplace up to a fully integrated multifunctional workstation. Thanks to an innovative, flexible and application supporting infrastructure software framework, configuration, modification or even extension of the respective tasks on a workstation is kept fairly easy. The workstations also integrate data and operation of other systems such as autopilot, AIS or NAVTEX. Read more…

Standardized software for central services

The Bridge Integration Platform (BIP) is an innovative, flexible and application supporting infrastructure software framework which is part of each workstations and which ensures a permanent data exchange via LAN. The BIP handels central services such as sensor and data management, target management, alert management, user management, configuration management, and and many more. This way, the BIP not only contributes to consistent data and safe ship operation, but also improves integration and eases adaptation of further applications, sensors, and workstations.

Standardized longlife PCs

The Small Marine Computer (SMC) is the standard for all Synapsis Workstations. The SMC features a solid-state disk and passive cooling to increase reliability and lifetime. With its ultra-compact design and powerful processing capabilities, the SMC is ready for universal use on various ship types.

Streamlined sensor collection and distribution

The NautoPlex serial to LAN converters collect sensor data as well as status information and distribute data via LAN to every workstation. There is no need any longer for extensive cabling of sensors to workstations, and no need for NMEA boosters for serial attached sensors. The NautoPlex series thus reduces cabling and termination cost, simplifies project engineering, and finally enables adaptation to any system layouts.

Example system configurations with Synapsis NX:

Integrated Navigation System, type approved
Integrated Navigation System, acc. to DNV NAUT OSV
Integrated Navigation System, acc. to DNV NAUT AW

Download the brochure for more details: Synapsis NX - Integrated Navigation System

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