Human-Centered Design

The World's First User-Defined Navigation Systems

The NX Series was developed under continuous user participation and workshops with nautical experts, navigators, and UI designers

In times of ongoing digitalization and integration aboard, the design of new navigational software is concentrating on “user needs” and the “human element”. A “human-centered” software design improves right situational assessment and decision making, eases work of navigators, and altogether increases safety. Synapsis Radar NX, Synapsis ECDIS NX, and Synapsis Conning NX stand out as the world's first user-defined navigation systems.

When designing the new “NX” generation of navigational software, Raytheon Anschütz adopted a new course of continuous user participation. The goal was to design intuitive and consistent user interfaces (UI) and operation concepts which meet or even exceed the expectations of the operators, and which support their common interaction patterns with regard to daily tasks and use cases.

The agile development process took more than 24 months and included various workshops with navigators and nautical experts. The process covered a detailed analysis of tasks and use cases, insights from international research projects on bridge ergonomics and operations, and a phase of prototyping with selected users.

Now Raytheon Anschütz has launched the new Synapsis NX series of Radar NX, ECDIS NX, and Conning NX. Synapsis NX incorporates latest software technologies and features a user-defined interface design in order to offer an unparalleled intuitiveness in use. The NX series stands for:

  • Easier operation and intuitive workflows reduce stress
  • Optimized displays for different situations at sea (maximized viewing areas)
  • Better and quicker familiarization of crews, flexibility in crewing
  • Less need for training, higher efficiency of training
  • Less failures, higher concentration on nautical tasks, safer navigation
  • Software is prepared to integrated further (digital) functions without overloading displays

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