Advanced Functionality

Synapsis Advanced Functionality

Synapsis NX offers advanced functionalities of applications and as a system. The multifunctional workstations offer navigators full navigation control through “any function, any place”.

Radar NX and ECDIS NX not only offer most modern user interfaces and intuitive workflows. They also provide a multitude of functions and performance beyond basic IMO requirements – visit the Product Range pages for details. Synapsis has also set the standard as the world’s first system in compliance with the IMO and IEC standards for integrated navigation systems (INS). This offers advantages with regard to safe and efficient operation.

Central sensor management (CCRS)

The redundant INS central sensor management allows automatic central sensor selection and monitoring (Consistent Common Reference System - CCRS). Advanced monitoring functions detect malfunction and disturbance, mark and exclude such sensors from selection and distribution.

Performance management

The system automatically observes the performance and status of all workstations and sensors connected to the INS. On a central display the operator has all information about the total navigation system configuration and its health status available at a glance.

Central target management

The central target management associates tracked targets from individual radar and AIS sensors to create new system-level targets, which are further processed throughout the navigation network to appear consistently on any radar or ECDIS display. Benefits: immediate and clear situational assessment.

Central bridge alert management

The bridge alert management collects alerts in the network and determines, with regard to system configuration and status, whether the situation is sufficiently critical to set off an alarm, or whether the watch officer will only get an alert of lower priority. Benefits: less beeping and blinking to attend to reduces stress and workload. Additionally, attention is directed to the really essential alarms on the bridge.

User setting management

The user management allows storage and sharing of user settings for either a single application or the entire system. This includes the possibility to define standardized user profiles or standardized settings for certain maneuvering situations such as docking, harbor or open sea.

Smart functionality as part of each Synapsis NX workstation!

The smart functionality - like sensor management, target management, or alert management - is now available with each Synapsis NX Multifunctional Workstation, Synapsis Radar NX, and Synapsis ECDIS NX. Navigators benefit from reduced workload, better situational awareness and safe navigation.

Experience some INS functions and advantages below:

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