Synapsis NX Integrated Navigation System

Synapsis NX - Integrated Navigation System

Synapsis NX represents the next level of Integrated Navigation Systems (INS). Synapsis NX is the world's first INS which has been type-approved according to IMO performance and IEC test standard MSC.252(83)/IEC 61924-2.

Synapsis NX is based on task-oriented multifunctional workstations which can be easily configured according to customer’s individual requirements – from a radar or ECDIS workplace up to a fully integrated multifunctional workstation which provides a multitude of features and functions. Synapsis NX includes the applications (Chart-)Radar, ECDIS, and Conning. Synapsis NX also seamlessly integrates sensors for target detection, heading, position and further navigation data, and a variety of steering control systems. 

Intelligent integration for increased safety and reduced stress

Synapsis NX offers advantages through the intelligent integration of data and function. The intelligent integration

  • enables safe decision making and precise navigation by providing reliable and validated information,
  • simplifies operation through automatization of routines and reduction of workload and stress,and
  • helps saving hardware cost through optimized use of integrated redundancies.  

Customized systems of standardized components

Synapsis NX is built on few standardized hardware components only and features common infrastructure software on all consoles. All data, including a real raw radar video, is collected, analyzed, and shared via LAN. This means maximum flexibility to realize a customer-specific configuration and function, but designed to budget. With help of the multifunctional workstations and the health monitoring across the system, a required level of redundancy can be reached with fewer consoles compared with conventional stand-alone workstations. Moreover, by utilizing modern networks and offering better integration, exchange and presentation of data, Synapsis NX is the entrance ticket to digitized navigation.

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