Integrated Solutions

Submarine Integrated Solutions

Submarine solutions by Raytheon Anschütz integrate the various surface and subsurface sensors, data management systems, submarine steering control as well as monitoring and platform management functions into a seamless and highly capable system solution.

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Integrated Navigation

Our portfolio includes gyro compass, inertial navigation platform, radar, echo sounder, EMLog, DOLog, WAIS, WECDIS / ECDIS, route planning stations, and positioning systems. 

Raytheon Anschütz uses cutting-edge technology within an Open Architecture approach to reach highest levels of system and sensor integration. In combination with the Nav/Cdr console, which is a centralized information system especially designed for submarines, a powerful integrated solution becomes available which effectively supports the submarine’s command team in all aspects of submarine operation.

Data Management

Being the core of an Integrated Navigation solution, Raytheon Anschütz offers scalable solutions for data management suitable for any budget. As an example, the Navigational Data and Management Center (NDMC), together with the redundant Ethernet navigation network, assembles all the data from various sources, pre-processes them in real time as necessary and distributes them to various end users as engineered for the specific project.

Submarine Steering and Control

Submarine steering control takes a customized approach with an HMI according to the specific user habits and conventions. Various modes of operation as well as fully integrated course and depth autopilot functions are part of the user-oriented operation concepts. With the 3-D waypoint planning and control, the submarine steering control will become an integral part of such an integrated solution. Further control systems are ballast and trim control as well as hoistable mast control solutions.


Raytheon Anschütz battery monitoring systems provide continuous health check of the battery, enhancing decisions on mission profile, ship safety and battery maintenance. Sea water sensors are integrated for high precision measurement and evaluation of sea water salinity, sound velocity, temperature, density and pressure. Highest degrees of integration and functionality are achieved when connected to Raytheon Anschütz data management solutions. 

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