Synapsis Conning NX

Synapsis Workstation for Conning NX

Synapsis Conning NX is the centralized data display for the ship’s command. It makes all bridge navigation and machinery status data easily available at a glance.

The combination of different instruments and indications at a central display increases situational awareness, even in critical situations of maneuvering and docking. It provides the operator with efficient help in right decision making; Conning NX is a strong contributor to safety at sea.

As a standard, the Conning NX features different display modes for different maneuvering situations and for different types of equipment. These include a navigation data display page, a docking display page, a heading and rudder movement recording page, an instruments page, and a track control page.

Conning NX also acts as the central HMI for INS functions such as sensor management, intelligent central alert monitoring and system health monitoring.

Conning NX is a versatile and extremely capable software. It allows creation of individual display pages and even the implementation of additional functionality, such as the ability to control and actuate external hardware interfaces.


Facts & Features

  • Additional situational awareness, easy to add to a system
  • Not only a display: Conning allows operation of various functions (depending on the individual configuration, e.g. sensor selection, centralized alert presentation)
  • Compliant to latest IMO standard for bridge alert management (MSC.302(87))
  • Graphics are individually adapted to the specific type of equipment (“widgets”)
  • Different pre-configured pages for different maneuvering situations (e.g. navigation, docking, track)
  • Flexible application design allows creation of individual graphics and pages
  • Central HMI for functions provided within an integrated navigation system (INS)
  • Remote displays in bridge wings
  • Various display sizes available
  • Powerful, ultra-compact processor without moving parts

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