SYNAPSIS NX - The Next Generation

Synapsis NX - The Next Generation in Radar and ECDIS Workstations

Synapsis NX introduces the most modern user interfaces and an advanced “next generation” system architecture – this is what the “NX” stands for. Radar NX and ECDIS NX were designed under continuous user participation in order to offer navigators an unparalleled intuitiveness in use and to increase safe navigation. Experience the difference!

Synapsis NX is based on human-centered operation concepts, consistent user interfaces, and intuitive workflows. Smart functionality is available with each single Radar or ECDIS workstation.

Collision avoidance with high performance on the Radar

Raytheon Anschütz replaces the current Radar software with the next generation, Synapsis Radar NX. Navigators will enjoy a revolutionary intuitive user interface requiring little or no training.

  • Superior overview through optimized grouping of data and current settings
  • Advanced tracker for optimized performance in tracking and anti-clutter
  • Lossless digital video distribution enhances flexibility and performance (NautoScan NX radars)
  • Smart video merge function provides a single, unobstructed radar video
  • Optional features, such as helicopter guidance, formation manager, camera integration, and other

Working with ECDIS has never been so easy!

Synapsis ECDIS NX complies with the latest IEC and IHO ECDIS Standards - beyond this, ECDIS NX offers smart Features to assist the crew in safe navigation.

  • Smart route planning (wizard-guided process), powerful route manager
  • Intuitive principles such as point to chart and drag‘n‘drop for waypoints
  • Maximum chart display and smart look-ahead zones for efficient monitoring
  • Central chart management and central route management 
  • Highly precise track control Cat. C (Anschütz autopilots)
  • Options, including digital radar video overlay including display of merged multi-radar video sources, tender tracking, and additional chart formats such as ARCS and BSB.

And Synapsis NX Workstations offer more than just Radar or ECDIS!

Get more value for budget! A range of smart functions (formerly only found on complete 'Integrated Navigation System') are now available as a standard with any new Synapsis NX Workstation in order to support navigators and contribute to a better situational awareness:

  • CCRS: sensor data is checked for integrity, validity and plausibility
  • Corrupted / manipulated data is detected and excluded automatically
  • Consistent data and target designations are used at any connected workstation
  • Health monitoring takes place with automated switch-over
  • Intelligent central alert management (CAM) reduces stress and directs attention to critical alerts

Learn more about these smart functions here.

Beyond this, NX Workstations can be scaled all the time to customer requirements. Ranging from a workstation for ECDIS or Radar up to a fully integrated multifunctional workstations with access to any nautical tasks on a fingertip. All Synapsis NX applications share the same hardware and IT infrastructure.

Learn more about our new ECDIS NX and Radar NX

Most intuitive Route Planning with ECDIS NX
Smart tools and an intuitive concept simplify route planning with SYNAPSIS ECDIS NX. Route planning is an intuitive and guided process, accessible directly through the menu. Waypoints can easily be set by pointing on the chart, adjusting waypoints or track limits can be made by "drag & drop" - it just needs few clicks to plan any route safely.

Advanced ECDIS for Cruise Ships and Yachts
The world's most sophisticated ships, such as cruise ships and mega yachts, often require additional functions in order to increase safety or to fulfill operational requirements . These optional upgrades include highly precise track control Cat. C, digital radar video overlay including display of merged multi-radar video sources, or tender tracking.

Advanced Route Planning and Voyage Management
Comprehensive route planning and voyage management tools within ECDIS NX provide effective support to the crew on board, including route exchange for optimization purposes and individual annotations. A capable route Manager and wizard-guided processes ensure most intuitive operation.

Introducing the new Radar NX
SYNAPSIS Radar NX is a new, state-of-the-art radar software. Consistent with the human centered software design, a team of experienced marine radar users, UI experts and skilled SW developers created a remarkably intuitive user interface.

Experience Radar NX in our short video!

Typical Radar functions - it is that easy!
Radar NX features an advanced tracker to offer high performance in tracking and anti-clutter processing. The quick access bar makes the most often used operations and functions available at a fingertip, including touch operation. Beyond standard IMO functions a wide range of functions is available. Watch the video to learn more about ease of radar operations. 

Radar Video Merge
Radar NX offers an optional, real-time raw radar data merge. Combining multiple radar transceivers simultaneously provides a single, unobstructed 360° radar video. to the users which is also available as a merged radar video overly on ECDIS NX. Best tracking performance is achieved through patented algorithms and parallax correction incl. own ship motion compensation. A merged radar video overlay is also available on ECDIS NX.

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