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SYNTACS (Synapsis Tactical Command System) is an innovative and affordable Tactical Command and Navigation System.

The integrated Command and Control (C2) solution was developed to enable effective decision making and to counteract today's conflicts and asymmetric threats. SYNTACS is available as a standalone mission management system but also as an integrated IMO-certified solution that combines tactical situation awareness/C2 capability with an integrated navigation system (INS).

The latest and most advanced version of SYNTACS is installed aboard the HSI32 Interceptor, built by CMN France. Copyright: CMN France

Thanks to its versatile functionality SYNTACS meets all the particular mission requirements of small and medium platforms (e.g. OPVs, PVs, FPVs, FACs) and can be deployed for many different mission profiles – from SAR tasks up to adding effective self-defense capabilities. Its system architecture makes it not only flexible enough to adapt to individual and evolving requirements but also to fit into the budgetary limits of individual navies or coast guards.

Due to the long experience and application expertise of our employees we bring the necessary know-how in naval system integration regarding the system construction, engineering requirements and applied standards.

SYNTACS sets the standard for flexibility and cost-effectiveness - learn why!

The high system functionality of SYNTACS, in spite of overall cost-effectiveness, was achieved through consistent standardization and the use of commercial system components. The functional definition of the system is done by means of software. Individual applications such as command & control, fire control, radar, ECDIS, etc. can be operated and put up for display at every multifunctional display.

Thus the system can be expanded at any time with new features (software-apps, e.g. special tactical features such as data link and COP, station keeping, MCM capabilities or SAR module) or even completely redesigned for new mission profiles, without the hardware having to be modified.

The advantage of this hardware architecture with software-defined functionality for customers lies in both cost savings and a hitherto unknown flexibility. Thus, with this architecture, systems ranging from a one-console system for situational awareness at sea on up to a complex system for command & control, weapons control and navigation on OPVs and small corvettes can be realized.

SYNTACS has an unparalleled functional range - read more!

Through data correlation of all organic and external sensor information, SYNTACS provides a comprehensive dashboard for the operating picture on the bridge multifunctional workstations - in addition to or parallel to navigational capabilities. SYNTACS can accommodate different modules, sensors and weapon systems appropriately for different missions.

Depending on the individual system configuration, SYNTACS offers:

  • Consistent HMI and central change of colors/dimming 
  • Customer defined HMI
  • Fully functional electro optical sensor integration 
  • Freely movable sea chart representation 
  • GEOTIF charts 
  • Target classification possibilities
  • Track presentation based on MIL-STD-2525 or others 
  • Track list and track history 
  • Track filtering controls (range affiliation, source and alarm status) 
  • Tools for tactical maneuvers, tactical intercept and heading-/speed recommendation 
  • Sensor range and current alignment 
  • Alarm zones, safety areas with freely configurable parameters 
  • Track management and correlation capability
  • Common operating picture with all connected workstations onboard and ashore
  •  Comprehensive Search and Rescue (SAR) functionalities
  •  Intelligent alarm management throughout the entire system 
  • Weapon alignment and status information 
  • Fire Control Solutions for guns

At a Glance: SYNTACS Benefits

  • IMO-compliant integrated navigation, steering and sensors (HSC approved) 
  • Standard COTS hardware and shared network architecture; thus less complexity, lower costs, fewer spare parts, easier logistics, faster lead times 
  • Software defined system for highly scalability, flexibility and easy upgrades 
  • Fully functional integration of electro optical sensor and fire control 
  • Wide range of C2 functionalities, including alarm zones, target classification, track management, common operating picture (COP) and tools for tactical maneuvers, tactical intercept and heading-/speed recommendation 
  • Sensor/effector agnostic for high flexibility in system configuration 
  • Add-on, replacement or removal of individual sub-systems and components – e.g. self-contained weapons, small target trackers, data links, 2D radars, ESMs or sonars 
  • Multifunctional systems reduce need for hardware and save space 
  • Reduced and flexible manning/training by intuitive operation and standardized HMI 
  • ITAR-free technology

Product Range

Raytheon Anschütz also offers a wide range of navigational products for small and mid-sized naval vessels, proven under intensive use in commercial shipping and IMO type approved for high-speed operation.
These include radar transceivers and radar displays with a variety of military functions and situational awareness capabilities, ECDIS, classical and maintenance-free gyro compasses, inertial navigation platforms, and a versatile range of fuel-efficient autopilots and secure steering control systems.
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