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Customized Retrofit Solutions

The typical life span of a naval surface ship or submarine runs up to 20 to 40 years. During this period most navies require at least one midlife modernization in order to keep up with changing operational requirements and technological developments.

Superior technical expertise and experience with retrofit programs is needed to cope with:

  • On-board surveys to analyze existing systems and environment on board
  • Adaption of retrofit proposal to the physical and environmental requirements
  • Construction and design of retrofit solutions in accordance with project-specific rules and regulations as well as environmental requirements
  • Flexible interfacing to seamlessly integrate technology of different generations
  • Planning of power consumption with regard to the existing energy balance
  • Integration of new functional capabilities into existing consoles
  • Adaptation of the retrofit solutions to the HMI of existing or replaced equipment
  • Simplification and standardization of operator interfaces to reduce need for training
  • Technical documentation about interfacing as well as about the new evolving system
  • Introduction of new documentation methods, such as the production, distribution and use of technical manuals by pure electronic means

Our customized retrofit solutions help to maintain reliability and excellence in mission performance due to our strength in integration of high-performance sensors, navigation or tactical operation systems as well as steering control systems. Our product line is already optimized for efficient retrofit solutions. If suitable, third party products will become an integral part of our solution, whereby we will accept full responsibility for these sub-supplier products.

Dedicated customer consultancy, on-board surveys, requirement engineering and years of experience in various technology generations are the key elements, that make Raytheon Anschütz a reliable partner in the implementation of customized retrofit solutions.

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