Offshore Vessels

Offshore Vessel Navigation Systems

Ships designed for operation under harshest environmental conditions and within a safety-sensitive environment have always been equipped with reliable, precise and safe navigation systems. The ships typically are built in accordance with highest class notations such as DNV NAUT-OSV or equivalent. These classification rules list specific requirements regarding bridge layout, redundancy and function with a focus on safe operation.

Reliable Sensors

Anschütz gyro compasses are well-known for superior precision and reliability even under harshest environmental conditions, whereas Raytheon radars are well known for their outstanding performance. Bringing both together and making use of decades of experience, Raytheon Anschütz has developed the current generation gyro and radar sensors to provide users with best possible information about the ship’s heading and environment during transit and work offshore.

Moreover, Anschütz gyro compasses provide intelligent features such as an independent TMC path, an individual speed error correction or the additional roll and pitch output (Standard 30 MF only), which improve the operation in combination with a DP system and can also reduce investment cost.

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Integrated Navigation Solutions

Raytheon Anschütz has long experience in providing integrated bridge and navigation systems to offshore and wind farm service ships, anchor handling tugs and other platforms specialized on offshore operations.

With Synapsis NX, Raytheon Anschütz presents a state-of-the-art integrated navigation system, which sets a new standard for simplicity, performance, smart use of redundancy and safety.

Multifunctional workstations integrate (chart-) radar, ECDIS, conning and optional further applications such as the DP system. Depending on the respective situation at sea, during DP or deck operations, or while berthing, operators can access the required application from any workplace. Dedicated Touch Panels are available to serve as the HMI of an Central Bridge Alert Management, as it is required for example by the DNV NAUT(OSV) notation.

With our intimate know-how of offshore specific requirements we offer customers individual project support, starting with early system layout and project-specific drawings through assembly, testing, installation and setting in operation to after sales.

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