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Merchant Ship Navigation Systems

Raytheon Anschütz has an international reputation as a reliable partner for professional shipping and shipbuilding industry. Raytheon Anschütz navigation systems are installed on more than 35,000 vessels and prove their performance day by day.

Our worldwide service contributes to low operation costs, minimized vessel downtime, and reduced workload ashore.

Gyro Compass and Steering Control Systems

As a core competence we offer products for the classic navigation sector. Anschütz gyro compasses represent the standard for many decades and can be offered stand-alone or as part of a larger package. Our fuel-efficient and versatile autopilots are well known for their outstanding performance. Heading sensor, adaptive autopilot and manual steering control system can also be integrated in a seamless package, which has proven its value onboard thousands of ships.

Marine Radar and ECDIS

In the past decades Raytheon Anschütz radars have proven to be among the most sensitive navigation radars. The new NautoScan® NX network transceiver generation combines excellent detection performance under all conditions with high reliability. ECDIS 24 is a perfect solution for shipowners starting or modernizing with ECDIS.

Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS)

Integrated bridge and navigation system solutions from our Synapsis series are well suited and affordable for all ship types – such as bulk carriers or container ships, oil or LNG tankers, ferries or cruise ships.

Thanks to its unsurpassed scalability and flexibility, Synapsis can be tailored to meet the individual requirement best. The use of standard hardware not only contributes to cost-efficient and simplified installation procedures, but also improves logistic and maintenance during operation.

Our integrated bridge systems are available in a standard configuration for basic IMO compliance and with a focus on low cost and low installation efforts. Even in this configuration the system can be easily enhanced to provide advanced INS function for additional safety and simplifications.

Sophisticated bridge systems - in accordance with highest class notations - with many workplaces, redundancies and a multitude of additional functions can be offered to reach highest standards of safety, efficiency and operation comfort. With intelligent network infrastructure, smart system extensions and standardized (versus proprietary) data exchange Synapsis NX also enables much better integration with other bridge systems. Any function - not limited to navigation - can be operated and put up for display at every workplace.

All projects are closely accompanied by project management, from project outline and specification of systems through customer-specific engineering, assembly, testing and installation to setting in operation.

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