Command & Control (C2) for Naval Vessels

SYNTACS Command & Control (C2)

SYNTACS (Synapsis Tactical Command System) is an innovative Command and Control (C2) and Mission Management solution.

SYNTACS offers significant advantages over less integrated approaches, which often only interface separate, non-integrated systems without using a consistent and unified system architecture. Being built on COTS technology, SYNTACS is an affordable and highly cost-effective system with low lifecycle cost.

SYNTACS is well suited for effective decision making to counteract today's conflicts and asymmetric threats. At the same time, with smart modules such as Search & Rescue (SAR) or intelligent track alarming/filtering algorithm the system can be effectively customized to the individual requirements of Coast Guards, Fishery Inspection Ships and platforms with similar mission profiles. Through data correlation of all organic and external sensor information, SYNTACS provides a comprehensive dashboard for the operating picture on the bridge multifunctional workstations - in addition to or parallel to navigational capabilities.

SYNTACS can accommodate different modules, sensors and weapon systems appropriately for different missions. Depending on the individual system configuration, SYNTACS offers:

  • Consistent HMI and central change of colors/dimming
  • Customer defined HMI
  • Fully functional electro optical sensor integration
  • Freely movable sea chart representation
  • GEOTIF charts
  • Target classification possibilities
  • Track presentation based on MIL-STD-2525 or others
  • Track list and track history
  • Track filtering controls (range affiliation, source and alarm status)
  • Tools for tactical maneuvers, tactical intercept and heading-/speed recommendation
  • Sensor range and current alignment
  • Alarm zones, safety areas with freely configurable parameters
  • Track management and correlation capability
  • Common operating picture with all connected workstations onboard and ashore
  • Comprehensive Search and Rescue (SAR) functionalities
  • Intelligent alarm management throughout the entire system
  • Weapon alignment and status information
  • Fire Control Solutions for guns

SYNTACS for Small Combatants and Patrol Boats

SYNTACS is available as a cost-effective and highly capable integrated system that combines tactical situation awareness/C2 capability with IMO integrated navigation system capabilities to a seamless tactical bridge system solution. In this configuration, SYNTACS meets the particular mission requirements of small and medium platforms (e.g. OPVs, PVs, FPVs, FACs).
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SYNTACS as an add-on for Combatants

SYNTACS can be also deployed for Combatants as an add-on to the navigation bridge to add self-defense capabilities in low or medium intense scenarios without the need of starting the entire CMS.
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