Synapsis Radar Chartradar

Synapsis Workstation for Radar/ Chart Radar

Raytheon Anschütz radars provide advanced technology for efficient collision avoidance and highest standards of safety. Thanks to advanced anti-clutter technology and intelligent functions for target detection and display, our radars offer reliable performance even under rough weather conditions.

The Synapsis Radars now feature the new NautoScan NX network radar transceivers. The new transceivers distribute the radar raw video via ethernet to an unlimited number of radar workstations on the bridge (depending on network setup). Synapsis Radar provides the operator with a square radar display to maximize the situational picture and to enable a clearly structured display of all radar control functions and status indications. Intelligent functions beyond basic IMO standards, such as the SeaScout collision avoidance function, further increase efficiency in watch keeping and support optimal situation assessment in any operational situation. Of course, Synapsis Radars and Chart Radars comply with latest IMO regulations and requirements (incl. test standard IEC 62388 ED2).

Synapsis Workstations are available as a stand-alone system or as part of a multifunctional workstation in combination with type-approved radar, ECDIS and/or conning. All workstations are based on the innovative and advanced Synapsis NX system architecture, including the standardized, ultra-compact Small Marine Computer with fan-less design and solid-state disk, and allow for easy upgrades and extensions.

Facts & Features

  • High-fidelity radar video via LAN (Anschütz NautoScan NX radar transceivers)
  • Square radar display to maximize the situational picture
  • Manual and automatic target acquisition and tracking
  • Advanced functions for anti-clutter and target presentation
  • Various functions beyond IMO requirements intuitively support situation assessment (e.g. combining Trial Maneuver and SeaScout collision avoidance tool)
  • Integration of AIS targets
  • Chart radar function (chart underlay to simplify interpretation of the radar video)
  • Integrated handling of sensor data, automatic selection of best data (CCRS)
  • Compliant with latest IMO regulations, incl. test standard IEC 62388 ED2
  • Easy installation, low installation cost (Synapsis NX workstation)

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