Synapsis Conning

Synapsis Workstation for Conning

Synapsis Conning is the centralized data display for the ship’s command. It makes available all bridge navigation and machine status data easily at a glance and hence contributes to efficient and safe navigation in accordance with operating philosophy. Synapsis Conning continues the proven and successful NautoConning series.  

The combination of different instruments and indications at a central display increases situational awareness even in critical situations of maneuvring and docking and provides the operator with efficient help in right decision making. As a standard Synapsis Conning features different display modes for different manoeuvring situations and for different types of equipment, such as a navigation data display page, a docking display page, a heading and rudder movement recording page, an instruments page, or a track control page. The Conning also provides the central HMI for INS functions such as sensor management, alert monitoring and system health monitoring.

Various functions of Synapsis Conning can be activated and configured by the operator as needed; inlcuding the flexibility to create individual display pages.

Synapsis Workstations are available as a stand-alone system or as part of a multifunctional workstation in combination with type-approved radar, ECDIS and/or conning. All workstations are based on the innovative and advanced Synapsis NX system architecture, including the standardized, ultra-compact Small Marine Computer with fan-less design and solid-state disk, and allow for easy upgrades and extensions.

Facts & Features

  • Central display of navigation data
  • Manual and automatic selection of navigation sensors (quality indication)
  • Different display modes with respect to different manoeuvring situations (track control, docking, navigation)
  • Full flexibility in configuration of individual display pages
  • Recorder (heading, rudder angle, rate-of-turn, depth)
  • Status indication for all devices and functions
  • Ethernet connection
  • Central printer
  • Alarm management for navigation equipment available
  • Remote displays in bridge wings
  • Various display sizes available
  • Powerful, ultra-compact processor without moving parts

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