Submarine 3D Steering Control

Submarine 3D Steering Control

Submarine 3D-steering control by Raytheon Anschütz takes a customized approachto ensure safe and complete submarine steering and diving control. Basic solutions are available in various configurations for 3-man, 2-man or 1-man operation. These solutions cover the customers’ basic needs on steering philosophy and its integration approach due to the submarines’ design. Common to all versions is the use of state-of-the-art technology including fully integrated course and depth autopilot functions and user-friendly display and operating concepts.

Depending on the configuration, Raytheon Anschütz submarine 3D-steering control offers three modes of operation, namely:

  • automatic mode - positions the rudder and hydroplanes according to the course and depth autopilots control commands
  • manual/semi-automatic mode - positions the rudder and hydroplanes as determined by the operator and aids the operator by suggesting how to best control the submarine’s dynamic behavior
  • emergency mode (open loop) - the proportional valves are directly controlled by the operator from the console

Thanks to a long lasting experience and own user level operational expertise we have the intimate know-how in submarine steering control with regard to system construction, requirement engineering and standards applied. The human-machine interface is laid out to the customer’s desires to adapt to specific user habits and conventions. Reliable system architecture and sophisticated control algorithm on steering control and autopilot foster an inherent safe system design.

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