Integrated Bridge System


The core element of an Integrated Bridge System (IBS) is the Integrated Navigation System (INS).

The INS is focusing on ease of operation and system safety. Standardized operation philosophy and optimized functionality go hand in hand with reduced workload and stress. Additional functions and a higher degree of system integration make navigation more safe and bridge operations more efficient and simple.

SYNAPSIS NX - The Next Level in Integrated Navigation

With the new Synapsis NX, Raytheon Anschütz presents the next level in Integrated Navigation Systems. Synapsis NX features an advanced network infrastructure and smart system components to enhance bridge system integration and to enable very customized solutions. Through intelligent integration, Synapsis NX offers better situational awareness, improves safety and and reduces workload. Thanks to a new generation of user interfaces, operators will experience most intuitive operation.
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Besides technological achievements, professional and firm project engineering for the individual project is key. At Raytheon Anschütz our process starts with early consultancy, continues with open and continuous customer communication, customized technical planning and shipyard support, delivery date and budget control, and ends not until the ship has been set in operation and the ship file handed over to the after sales service team. Short ways from the project teams to the R&D and production departments allow the process to also include customer-specific features, adaptations and developments.

Let us answer your questions:

What can I expect from Raytheon Anschütz' supply?

  • High-level integrated navigation with IMO type approval
  • Well-proven reliability, accuracy and safety under all environmental conditions
  • Individual support and project management
  • Flexibility for customer-specific adaptations with regard to function, integration and redundancy
  • Best value for money over total lifecycle of equipment

How can I benefit from Raytheon Anschütz navigation systems?

  • Multifunctional workstations integrate all relevant navigation systems
  • Standardized HMI of hardware and software throughout the whole system 
  • Advanced INS functions add safety and simplicity to the bridge system
  • Intelligent function of individual application for ease of operation and efficiency
  • Standardized components simplify logistics and reduce cost

Why should I decide for Raytheon Anschütz?

  • Reliable, high-performance and proven equipment
  • Highly-skilled project managers ensure reliable project processing
  • Individual support from early system layout to setting in operation
  • Years of experience in integration of customer-specific solutions
  • Project-specific drawings

Can I rely on support beyond delivery?

  • Customer-oriented after sales management
  • Central service coordination for all products delivered
  • Global network of own service stations, more than 200 certified service stations and depots
  • Proven worldwide spare part supply chain
  • Full lifecycle support, customized retrofit and upgrades