New ECDIS Regulations

New ECDIS Regulations in Force – Action Required!

The International Electrotechnical Commision (IEC) and the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) have published new versions of some of their ECDIS Standards.

As a consequence ECDIS users will have to upgrade their current systems towards a new ECDIS Software complying with the new versions of IEC and IHO ECDIS Standards until 31 August 2017.

On this webpage Raytheon Anschütz provides further information about the regulation and advises customers of how to access a cost effective and future safe upgrade path.

For an overview about Raytheon Anschütz’ current ECDIS generation, please choose from the below:

  • Raytheon Anschütz Synapsis ECDIS (also available as a Multifunctional Workstation)
  • Raytheon Anschütz ECDIS 24 Retrofit Package

About the Regulation

The International Electrotechnical Commision (IEC) and the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) have published new versions of some of their ECDIS Standards.

These publications went into force in August 2015. From this date, the new editions of the IHO Standards became the normative references within the new IEC ECDIS testing specification IEC 61174 Ed. 4.0 for the type approval of ECDIS. The previous editions of type approved ECDIS with an earlier edition of IEC 61174 remain valid until 31 August 2017. This transition period is intended to provide time for ECDIS manufacturers and national authorities to move towards type approval of new ECDIS based on the revised Standards.

It also enables ship-owners and operators to upgrade existing systems to conform to the new Standards in accordance with the requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) circular SN.1/Circ.266, covering the maintenance of ECDIS software.


How to Check the Current Version of ECDIS

All Raytheon Anschütz ECDIS Users are able to check the current version of their ECDIS by selecting in the “HELP” Menu the “About…” command. A dialog box as shown below will appear.

Important are the lines referring to the IHO Standards, introduced with:
“This ECDIS is compliant with the following IHO standards”.

S-52 should refer to Ed. 6.1
and the Annex A Presentation Library should refer to Ed. 4.0
S-63 should refer to Ed. 1.2.0
S-64 should refer to Ed. 3.0.X

If any of these references to the IHO Standards in the dialog box does not meet the Editions mentioned in the text above or in the screenshot on the right side, the ECDIS Software will have to be upgraded until 31 August 2016.

Version valid until 31 August 2016:                                                   Upgrade version:    

Raytheon Anschütz Upgrade Offer

Depending on your systems hardware either an ECDIS software upgrade is possible or a hardware refit will be necessary.

Most probably your ECDIS system consists of one of the following processors:

Type 950-005 NGxxx (NSC M Processor)
Type 950-012 NGxxx (A3300 Processor)
Type 950-014 NGxxx (Box-PC NSC)
Type 950-019 NGxxx (Box-PC Synapsis)
Type 770-010 NGxxx (SMC Synapsis)

For older systems a hardware upgrade is necessary.
For Type 770-010 a software upgrade will be offered to our customers.

Please contact your local sales agent, based on your needs he will work out a cost effective and future safe upgrade path for you. Or just send us an e-mail.

Benefits of the New ECDIS

Thomas Mellor, Chairman of the IHO ENC Standard Maintenance Working Group responsible for S-52 – the IHO Standard for the display of ENCs in ECDIS, commented:

“One of the biggest benefits of upgrading ECDIS systems to the latest S-52 Presentation Library will be a reduction in the number of audible alarms triggered by ECDIS, helping ease the issue of alarm fatigue on the bridge, whilst still maintaining safety at sea. The introduction of an alert model, based on the requirements in the IMO ECDIS Performance Standard, will also harmonize ECDIS behavior across different manufacturers’ systems.”


Operators will benefit from this upgrade as the latest Raytheon Anschütz Synapsis ECDIS already complies with the highest demanding IMO and IEC Standards regarding ECDIS in an Integrated Bridge System (INS) provided by Raytheon Anschütz.