The Next Level Navigation Systems at Nor-Shipping 2017

Raytheon Anschütz presents a suite of the latest navigation systems, including the new SYNAPSIS NX Integrated Navigation System (INS) and the new ECDIS NX, the world’s first user-defined ECDIS, at booth B03-16.

SYNAPSIS NX is type-approved according to the INS performance and test standards. The system provides intelligent integration and advanced functions such as sensor integrity monitoring, radar and AIS target management, alert management, and redundancy management. Following a holistic system concept with standardized hardware and network components, SYNAPSIS NX offers the customer a never-before-possible flexibility in concept and design of the bridge system, and - with regard to safety - ensures multi-redundancy and a maximum in situation awareness.

Raytheon Anschütz also launches the new SYNAPSIS ECDIS NX software, which has been designed from the scratch under continuous user participation, several user workshops, and prototype testing in order to take into account the human factor, meet any expectations of the operators and to provide intuitive support for their daily tasks and use cases. ECDIS NX comes in a state-of-the-art design and stands out with a clear-structured display, intuitive operation, and smart functions for route monitoring and route planning.

The Raytheon Anschütz exhibit at Nor-Shipping is completed with the latest in heading sensor technology, the new maintenance-free and highly accurate Standard 30 MF gyro compass.

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