Showcasing the Next Generation at SMM 2016

At SMM 2016, Raytheon Anschütz presents a suite of the latest navigation systems, including the new SYNAPSIS NX INS and the next generation of smart heading and radar sensors. This new generation of navigation systems and sensors can be easily integrated into various system environments, no matter whether newbuild or retrofit.

“Shipping 4.0,” “Smart Shipping” and “Big Data” – maritime buzzwords in discussions these days, indicating that shipping technologies are advancing to the next level. New innovative technologies, digitized services, processes or even business models add efficiency, improve transportation and reduce costs.

The basis for all the improvement of the modern bridge is integration, building on uniform and consistently developed system and operator concepts, modern network structures and harmonized data exchange.

SYNAPSIS NX is type-approved according to the INS performance and test standards, offering better situational awareness, safety and simplified operation. Featuring an advanced network infrastructure, the INS makes available radar video, sensor data and charts in a redundant and highly capable LAN navigation network. Innovative system modules and smart system components also enable much better integration of the various bridge systems.

Further, SYNAPSIS NX features new concepts for touch screen operation as well as better integration and uniform, consistent operating interfaces for various bridge control systems.

SYNAPSIS NX introduces new applications such as SynGuard, a versatile display supporting situation analysis and decision making. SynGuard can be used for automatic monitoring of the ship’s surroundings, including the integration of camera systems, the identification and classification of other ships and objects, the definition and monitoring of certain alarm- or prohibited zones, or even the exchange of information with peers at sea or at shore.

Raytheon Anschütz also exhibits the latest in heading and radar sensor technology at SMM – among others the new Standard 30 MF gyro compass and the NautoScan NX network radar. The next generation of these sensors is designed to support the sharing of data and status information via Ethernet. This not only enhances system performance but also adds value through an optimized data processing and usage by a respective end-user application. Further the sensors distinguish through less need for maintenance and reduced service costs.

The Raytheon Anschütz exhibit is located in Hall B6 at booth 304.
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