Raytheon Anschütz launched new Integrated Navigation System

At the opening day of SMM the German navigation system supplier Raytheon Anschütz has launched its recently announced new Intelligent Bridge System within an official ceremony. The Integrated Navigation System (INS), which was given the name Synapsis Bridge Control, is designed to make navigation more efficient and to simplify operation for users. Raytheon Anschütz shows the Synapsis Bridge Control at booth # 320 in Hall B6.


According to Raytheon Anschütz, Synapsis Bridge Control was chosen as brand name to symbolize the intelligence of the new navigation system generation with its immediate processing of data, a consistent data presentation to the operator and an intuitive support in decision making. The INS features new wide-screen, task-orientated Multifunctional Workstations. Using standard hardware and software, the workstations allows for full scalability and future expandability. Possible configurations are ranging from a stand-alone ECDIS workplace to a full integrated workstation that provides access to all nautical tasks such as route monitoring, collision avoidance, navigation control, status and data display or alarm monitoring. A central change of display color schemes as well as central dimming can be processed from any workstation within the INS.

The configurations and tasks of the workstations are controlled by a newly developed Bridge Integration Platform. The platform provides common interfaces to further ship systems that enable the integration of additional applications such as automation, DP system or CCTV from various suppliers on the Multifunctional Workstations.

Within the INS, all data is distribution by a new dual Ethernet bus to be stored independently at any workstation. Having all information consistently available throughout the whole navigation network also allows creating new display pages with respect to individual requirements. As an example, in accordance with the idea of e-navigation Raytheon Anschütz presents a new Voyage Efficiency Monitor. The joint display of navigation data with engine automation data and loadmaster computer data is to enhance bridge operations and support the navigator in right decision making, particularly with regard to the rudder steering, which can help to optimize voyage planning and fuel consumption.

To integrate the operator interfaces of the intelligent alert management and the new Consistent Common Reference System (CCRS), Raytheon Anschütz has also enhanced its NautoConning display. Within the INS, the CCRS continuously observes the availability, validity and integrity of all sensor data and calculates a quality indicator for each sensor. The Conning displays the quality indicators and provides a system wide sensor and source selection menu including a choice between manual and automatic sensor selection. Within the automatic sensor selection mode, a set of the best sensor data is compiled automatically and distributed throughout the entire navigation system. Apart from increasing the ship’s safety through intelligent use of on board sensor information, this is expected to reduce work load of officers and pilots on duty.

As an essential part of Synapsis Bridge Control, Raytheon Anschütz has also introduced the new adaptive NautoPilot 5000 with its color TFT and touch screen operation as well as the latest generation of Nautosteer AS steering control system. Based on CAN-bus, NautoSteer AS was developed with regard to fail-to-safe principles. All components are fitted with take-over function and include wire break and steering failure monitoring. Raytheon Anschütz says, apart from making commissioning and installation of systems at the shipyard easier, the new steering control sets new standards of highest safety at sea.


Mr. Martin Richter, Marketing Manager at Raytheon Anschütz:

The brand name Synapsis Bridge Control was chosen to symbolize the intelligence of the new bridge generation: the immediate processing of data, the consistent presentation to the operator and the intuitive support in decision making. It is like an additional mate, thus a human being, who has all information available in any situation and considers the right action at the right time. Since the new bridge system is unique, a unique name was needed to guide our message into the market.

Mr. Michael Nogalski, Head of IBS Development at Raytheon Anschütz:

The customer’s benefit always is the most critical point when starting the development of new technology and navigation systems. We develop all core navigation systems within a continuous process of product improvement, regarding current as well as future technologies. What we call an evolutionarily development strategy bears not only features at the first glance but also non-visible benefits. A good example is the Bridge Integration Platform. Apart from adding new functions to the bridge today, it offers highest flexibility for upgrades and extensions to further increase the customer’s benefit in the long haul.

Mr. Andreas Lentfer, Director Business Development at Raytheon Anschütz:

Synapsis Bridge Control is a contribution to safety and cost efficiency. We use new technologies to make the watchkeeper’s life easier and to provide him additional assistance: Better collision avoidance, less alarm stress and last but not least a new generation of very efficient autopilot steering, which minimizes hull drag and helps to reduce fuel consumption.