Precise radar picture for coastal missions

Raytheon Anschütz designed the Radar NX application to combine collision avoidance and situation awareness for coast guards.

Crews of coast guard vessels or patrol boats perform a wide range of tasks, including police duties, rescue missions and surveillance operations in coastal areas with high traffic density. Each situation demands clear and precise analysis. A radar system with high-performance target detection not only helps crews avoid collisions but is especially important for the missions they carry out.

Raytheon Anschütz, a business of Raytheon Technologies, designed the Radar NX application to match these requirements perfectly. Radar NX features an advanced target tracker and employs patented technology for optimized target detection, clutter suppression, filtering and presentation. Built employing a modern and clearly structured user interface, Radar NX is easy to operate and reduces the time and effort required for training and familiarization.

“The Radar NX offers operators a clear, precise radar picture for collision avoidance and forms the baseline for situation awareness,” said Jan Lütt, product manager at Raytheon Anschütz. “These benefits can even be doubled by integrating Radar NX with solid-state surveillance radars.”

The Radar NX can control and display Terma Scanter 2602 and 6002 radars within a fully MED-type approved solution for navigation and beyond. These solid-state radars improve small target detection and target detection under severe weather conditions or sea states. Customers benefit from the highly accurate radar performance, seeing a realistic and more precise situational picture without the need for maintaining a separate surveillance radar station on board or specially trained operators.

“Besides having a clear situational picture on a dedicated console, our customers have pointed out the need to share the radar targets or the radar video with other systems in the network, such as command and control or sometimes even combat management systems,” said Lütt. “The capabilities and flexibility of our Radar NX and system infrastructure simplify integration with such systems.”

Radar NX can share radar targets by console, transceiver or system as onboard third-party systems may require. The new CAT240 Asterix interface enables users to distribute radar videos by console or transceiver to a defined network destination.

Radar NX offers further smart features for coast guard and patrol vessels, including systemwide target management and target association and, in combination with the radar transceiver, an emission control mode and a pre-trigger-out option.

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