Customer service with a camper van

- Serving customers in the time of COVID-19 requires creative solutions -

Personal technical service is difficult to offer during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in Europe where lockdowns have closed many borders and hotels. Despite global service networks and technological achievements like remote access, diagnosis and service, some cases still require sending a service technician.

Such was the story in spring 2020, when a Raytheon Anschütz team conducted a bridge system retrofit in Spain. The work was well-planned, and the equipment delivered and installed. However, the new European lockdowns made it nearly impossible to do sea trials as planned.

Taking a creative approach, a team comprising customer representatives and service coordinators, supported by Spanish service partners, set up a new plan to enable the sea trials in Tarragona in June 2020.

The customer arranged for approvals from the Spanish administration to allow a technician to enter Spain and conduct the work aboard the ship. Meanwhile, the team in Kiel rented a camper and prepared the technician to drive and live in the van all the way to Tarragona and back — a two-and-a-half-day trip in each direction totaling about 4,000 kilometers. With the technician able to perform the work in-person, sea trials were successfully passed.

From Norway to Canada to Spain, Raytheon Anschütz is delivering creative solutions such as this so that customers can continue to receive the level of service support they expect. Its service network offers valuable local support, and it is investing in remote service capabilities.

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