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Raytheon Anschuetz USA LLC, located at Raytheon’s facility in San Diego, California, is America’s new center of navigation excellence, providing the full scope of navigation technology and best-in-class service and support for US based shipyards and ship owners. With the expansion of Raytheon Anschütz into the United States, we’ve created a US-based team that leverages the navigation expertise of both Raytheon Company and Raytheon Anschütz.

Comprehensive Navigation Solutions and Support

Raytheon Anschütz focuses its capabilities on providing bridge and navigation systems and customer support to the US maritime industry. Raytheon Anschuetz USA offers access to all Raytheon Anschütz navigation components and solutions, which prove their reliability and performance every day in commercial use onboard more than 30,000 ships worldwide.

Components and solutions include gyro compass systems and gyro compass retrofit solutions, adaptive autopilot and manual steering control systems, radars and electronic sea chart systems (ECDIS), as well as complete integrated bridge and navigation systems (IBS/INS).

Raytheon Anschuetz USA is dedicated to providing customers with direct access to technical advice regarding International Maritime Organization (IMO) recommendations, class requirements and operational needs. We offer highly flexible, personal guidance and dedicated support throughout the process, from pre-sale consultancy and technical support, to an array of after-sale lifecycle support services, including customized retrofit and upgrade proposals.

After sales, the Raytheon Anschütz worldwide service network - with more than 200 service stations and subsidiaries - provides optimum availability of skilled technicians and spare parts. We service US coastlines with our large spare parts and service coordination center as well as our network of more than 50 service points so our customers can count on reliable service and predictable results.

General Contact Information

Mr. Ian Bowles
Area Sales Manager
office 781.355.6169
cell 781.971.1224
E-Mail: Ian.Bowles@raytheon.com