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Raytheon Anschütz has lengthy experience and intimate know-how in customized system integration with regard to system design, requirements development, and compliance with military standards. This is why customers trust in us as one of the most experienced and capable navigation system integrators.

The expertise of our experienced engineers, our skilled program managers, and our professional supply chain managers, enables us to provide the Canadian customers with optimized and value-oriented solutions, which meet any existing or future requirement and, at the same time, reduce risk and non-recurring cost. After sales, we are offering our customers dedicated support through the full life cycle of vessel and equipment - always putting the focus on maximum availability of customers’ platforms. Individualized In-Service Support (ISS) and Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) packages guide our naval customers into the future.

We design our solutions on the basis of our globally proven SYNAPSIS Integrated Navigation System (INS). SYNAPSIS is fully compliant with the IMO / IEC Performance and Test Standards for INS and provides an intelligent integration of data and function to improve precision and safety in navigation. SYNAPSIS NAVAL extends the scope and also offers a fully functional integration of customer-specific equipment (GFX) such as STANAG WECDIS, P(Y) GPS, or surveillance radars in our IMO Integrated Navigation Systems.

Beyond technology, Raytheon Anschütz has a strong history in performing offset obligations or enabling local industry participation in various countries around the world. The handling of offset – from understanding the requirements through identifying appropriate areas in its scope of supply and services to surveying and qualifying local partners, preferably SMEs – has been implemented in a structured procedure, always in line with Raytheon policies and ethics rules. In Canada, Raytheon Anschütz has already established a strong network of local partnership.

Learn more about our Canadian teaming – what makes our proposal a tailored Canadian version of SYNAPSIS – and about our technology and about our references on this website.

Canadian Partnership

Raytheon Anschütz looks back on long experience as a reliable partner of Canadian companies. Backed by technical support of various Canadian companies and representatives, Raytheon Anschütz started as a supplier of bridge and navigation systems to the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Coast Guard, and Canadian shipping giants like BC Ferries more than 30 years ago.

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Raytheon Anschütz has always been committed to acting as a reliable partner with a focus on customer success, to delivering as promised, and to supporting customers through the entire lifecycle of equipment.

Over the years Raytheon Anschütz has gained proven references with the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard. From these projects – and further international projects – additional partnerships were established with Industry Canada and several Canadian companies, from global players to small, local companies. Our strong history of performing offset requirements in Canada includes direct work, percentage of small and medium work, R&D, export opportunities, and value proposition.

See below a selection of our Canadian customers and partners:

World-Leading Technology: Best Value, Lowest Risk

The SYNAPSIS Integrated Navigation System (INS) describes the next evolution in bridge navigation systems and was the world's first INS in compliance with IMO's new INS Performance and Test Standards.

From our experience and expertise with naval bridge systems, we now combine the open architecture and the commercial technologies used within SYNAPSIS with military features and modular system enhancements.

By incorporating both - benefits not only from utilizing proven, durable and standardized COTS technology but also from integrating military functions and customer-specific equipment (GFE), our latest SYNAPSIS NAVAL solutions set the standard for highly effective but customized military bridge systems.

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With SYNAPSIS, we can offer the Canadian customers the very latest in Integrated Navigation Systems (INS). SYNAPSIS workstations can feature the classical navigational applications (Radar, (W)ECDIS, Conning) but also a versatile Command & Control / Situational Awareness solution. SYNAPSIS features a range of advanced INS functionalities, which increase system performance and safety and contribute to intutive operation.

All workstations are based on identical durable, COTS hardware and an innovative infrastructure software framework which serves as a “Ship Integration Platform” with open data structures, data contents and interfaces to various surface and subsurface sensors, control systems, as well as platform management or combat systems. The intelligent integration provided by this platform ensures consistent, checked data throughout the network and makes possible that the operator interacts with a "single system" only.

The function of a dedicated workstation is defined by software. SYNAPSIS features newly desinged user interfaces which offer an unsurpassed intuitiveness in use and function.

SYNAPSIS can be expanded at any time with new features (software-apps, e.g. special tactical features such as data link and COP, station keeping, MCM capabilities or SAR module) or even completely redesigned for new mission profiles, without the hardware having to be modified.

The scalability of the SYNAPSIS approach with a basic hardware structure for any system configuration and the functional definition of the system by means of software ensures a low risk approach for the customer. Further advantages are cost savings and a hitherto unknown flexibility.

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SYNAPSIS NAVAL enhances the INS with further military sensors and systems as required by the customer with the highest flexibility - thanks to the scalable open architecture infrastructure. 

This includes integrating Government Furnished Equipment (GFE). Typically, Raytheon Anschütz can integrate surveillance, solid-state radars and provide functional enhancements for the radar such as ice or oil spill radar capabilities (together with Canadian company Rutter), radar video merge, helicopter tracking, or further tactical features. Raytheon Anschütz has also proven expertise in functional integration of customer-specific STANAG WECDIS into the SYNAPSIS navigation system.

SYNAPSIS NAVAL can also enable the data distribution management and the other INS services on additional, redundant processors. This advanced data management solution provides a cloud-like common data space to all connected network processors, including red/black separation. The main advantage is the secure interfacing and distribution of navigation data to other consumers like Combat Management System (CMS), or Weapon Systems independently of the bridge console processors.

If surveillance or security is required, Synapsis can seamlessly integrate the SYNTACS tactical situation awareness display, which provides the video monitoring of optical sensors and sensor fusion to enhance capabilities on the bridge. A particular enhancement is a comprehensive Search and Rescue (SAR) function.

SYNAPSIS NAVAL can also be enhanced with a simulation module provided by Canadian company VMT. The module enables simulated onboard training exercises with fully operational, real world INS equipment, including simulation for ice navigation. Customers are able to maximize dockside training time, improve training realism and reduce shore-based training investment.

With 112 years in the navigation system business, Raytheon Anschütz has a long history in designing and integrating navigation and bridge systems. Our experience has greatly enhanced our technology and program performance, and made us a strong and reliable partner with regard to Offset requirements.

Raytheon Anschütz has equipped more than 1,200 vessels with Integrated Bridge and Navigation Systems.

In the commercial market we have decades of experience in supplying navigation sensors and integrated systems to offshore vessels, research ships and cruise ships in polar operations. In Canada we were awarded the contract about the suppy of Integrated Navigation Systems (INS) to the Canadian Coast Guard's new Offshore Fishery Science Vessels (OFSV).

In the naval market, recent references include contracts for the design, supply and integration of INS for the UK Royal Navy Type 45 and Type 26 Combat Ships - including integration of STANAG WECDIS. We were also chosen to design and supply INS to the German Navy F125 Frigates programs, and the German Navy Joint Support Ship (JSS).

With this expertise and experience, our Program Managers will guide the Canadian customer individually through the program, from early outline and specifications, through advisory and requirements engineering and systems integration to realization. This also includes full control of delivery times and budget, and will not end with a successful factory acceptance test or a completed shipment to the shipyard. Raytheon Anschütz offers comprehensive technical services through the whole lifecycle of vessel and equipment, through local service partners or a global support network.