Navigation and Control

Submarine Navigation and Control

Raytheon Anschütz has decades of experience in providing navigation and control technology for submarines. In the course of time we have equipped more than 100 submarines worldwide with navigation technology, including the German Navy’s latest submarine U 212A.

Through the past decades Raytheon Anschütz has, in close cooperation with the shipyards, specified and developed a wide-ranging specialized product line for sophisticated submarine navigation and control applications. These systems use most-modern technologies and cover highly customized solutions as well as serial products for stand-alone installation.

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Our product range is suited for both newbuildings and retrofits. In modernization programs, our company’s unique capability of interfacing products of different navigation technology generations is brought to bear.

Each project is managed by a team of specialists, if needed including onboard survey to identify project-specific requirements. Own user-level experience and the deep know-how of a manufacturer enable us to respond to individual requirements with maximum flexibility and customized solutions.

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