SMARTBLUE Safety & Security Solutions

Our specialized surveillance team has over 20 years of experience in designing and installing more than 50 surveillance systems around the world. In order to provide customers with custom offshore and coastal surveillance and security systems that fulfill a variety of applications, Raytheon Anschütz can now provide customers one of the most advanced and successful product ranges on the market.

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We offer personal support and competent advice in your surveillance requirements whether it is a standalone surveillance radar system or a fully integrated surveillance solution for offshore, port / terminal or coastal surveillance and vessel protection.

Command and Control Solution

The heart of our integrated solutions is the SMARTBLUE command and control (C2) software system. It has been developed by experienced software engineers and industry security professionals with a focus on simple operation and cost-efficient integration.

SMARTBLUE is built upon ‘Open Software Architecture’ which allows the client to integrate any surveillance sensor from any manufacturer in order to fulfill their own surveillance requirements and budget. Thanks to its customizable and flexible capability the C2 can be applied to surveillance and security applications such as coastal surveillance, offshore oil and gas, renewables, ports and terminals and vessel perimeter protection.

SMARTBLUE can be operated locally as a standalone system or integrate a range of surveillance sensors across multiple sites with a central control center monitoring and controlling sensors remotely.

Surveillance Radars

Raytheon Anschütz radars encompass a broad range of capabilities and functions to fulfill a variety of applications within the surveillance market. Having sold over 400 radar systems worldwide to system integrators, our radars have a long and proven history of providing reliability and quality in the field.

Radars with 6ft and 8ft antennas ensure that all specifications requiring high performance levels for mobile surveillance systems can be fulfilled even under harsh weather conditions. With its 12ft radar in both X band and S band varieties, Raytheon Anschütz provides a cutting-edge surveillance radar system typically used for basic shore and land installations as well as for vessel traffic systems (VTS). The Raytheon Anschütz 18ft radar is a high-performance surveillance radar for detection of small targets at greater distances. The radar is compliant with the IALA recommendations for an advanced surveillance system and coupled with a small target tracker (STT) provides its operator with the capability to detect small targets such as swimmers, buoys or even wooden stakes. Thus, the radar forms the basis for an effective crisis management and decision support system aimed at deterring terrorism, smuggling and frontier violation. We are able to offer all of our radars with an Ethernet based interface for ease of integration by system integrators.

Surveillance Container

For customers requiring a temporary surveillance installation or simply wanting to reduce civil works, Raytheon Anschütz offers the SMARTBLUE surveillance container. This innovative configuration of SMARTBLUE is a ready-to-deploy surveillance solution with Radar, AIS, auto GPS, U/VHF and the choice of a suite of surveillance cameras integrated within a 10ft x 8ft ISO container (A60 rated containers are available for offshore oil and gas use). Available to buy or rent on a medium to long term basis, the container is a customizable surveillance system for offshore asset protection, aiding the operator with logistics coordination, detection of possible hostile threats, providing early warning of risk of collision and assisting decision makers during incidents.

The system is easily transportable (incl. helicopter transportation) around the world and fully deployable within an hour of reaching its destination. Extendable masts provide 9 meters of height for the antenna and 8 meters of height for the camera. Requiring only power, the system can be linked to existing sensors already at the location; options are available for the container to be operated locally or remotely through data link to an onshore control center (OCC).