Synapsis INS for Navies

Synapsis INS for Navies

Integrated navigation from Raytheon Anschütz is based on the latest generation of affordable, state-of-the-art navigation system technology, which sets new standards for functionality, safe operation and ergonomics. Our experiences from the large number of commercial installations, ranging from operations round the clock to unique user interfaces for fault-tolerant operation, are the basis for navy specific developed solutions.

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The Synapsis Integrated Navigation System encompasses a mixture of commercial off-the-shelf and military standard equipment, adapted to the required redundancies, mission profiles and mandated shock levels at the individual position. Based on an integral system concept, our solutions reach higher levels of integration and interoperability while at the same time being able to reduce engineering and logistic costs through use of industry standards and proven technologies. Simple and cost-efficient system upgrading is possible to cope with changing threats and rapidly evolving tasks.

With our intimate knowledge as a system integrator for naval vessels we enable highly customized solutions, ranging from bridge sizes for small patrol crafts up to sophisticated bridge systems for large naval vessels. Our references cover the INS onboard the German Navy Corvette K130, Frigate F125 and Joint Support Ship (2nd Batch), as well as the UK Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyers and the new Type 26 Global Combat Ship.

Multifunctional Workstations

Multifunctional workstations combine all nautical functions with a further option for integrating specific military applications and other ship system operations. The workstations can be set up as a stand-alone system or as a multifunctional workstation with type-approved radar/chart radar, ECDIS and/or conning. All functions have a standardized HMI and feature a central change of colors and dimming. The use of standard hardware and an innovative software framework with interfaces to the ship’s backbone also enable the INS to scale up to an Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS).

Functional Integration

The Synapsis workstations integrate all nautical functions and make them available at a central position. Depending on their prevalent task, the crew has available all needed information at a glance, benefits from immediate situation awareness and can take over control from any bridge workplace with a single action only. Synapsis also ensures consistent use of information and data throughout the whole navigation system and features and intelligent, central alert management as well as further advanced INS functions.

Data Distribution and Availability

All necessary data for the core navigation system are provided by a suite of high performance and reliable sensors (e.g. Anschütz gyro compass, Marine Inertial Navigation System, echo sounder, speed log, P(Y) GPS and weather sensors). A degradation management continuously monitors the availability and quality of sensor information and distributes the most reliable set of data to all connected workstations. Being indispensable for safe, reliable operation on board naval vessels, the degradation management aims at cost effectiveness and highest degree of availability. Thus customer requirements for long periods between overhaul and administration of personnel are supported.

Military Function

The Synapsis INS can be enhanced with special military equipment such as a marine inertial navigation platform, based on a ring-laser gyro, or the advanced navigation data management center, which is the core of our integrated naval solutions. Raytheon Anschütz can also provide special navy features for WECDIS functionality such as additional military layers (AML) and WAIS.