ECDIS 24 Retrofit Package

Make ECDIS Refit a Success!

The SOLAS regulation V/19 defines carriage requirements for ECDIS to enhance navigational safety. With the regulations effective on a rolling timetable from July 2012, owners and operators urgently need to assess the implications for their fleets and make plans to integrate digital navigation into bridge procedures. This means, to comply with IMO’s new ECDIS carriage requirements, vessels, depending on their type, size, and date of construction, should be equipped with ECDIS. However, ECDIS should be not implemented only to comply with new carriage requirements. Even in basic configuration, ECDIS offers a multitude of benefits that support the crew in their daily work to enhance reliability, safety and efficiency in bridge operations.

Being well-established as manufacturer of ECDIS, Raytheon Anschütz has gained experience in thousands of ECDIS installations. Especially for the needs of an ECDIS retrofit, we have developed the ECDIS 24 retrofit package.

ECDIS 24 combines cost-efficient hardware and with the advanced functionality of our well-proven, matured and intuitive-to-operate ECDIS software. Chart updates are possible via USB stick or an external DVD drive. ECDIS 24 can read the ENC, C-Map and BA-ARCS chart standards.


ECDIS 24 is a complete package with off-the-shelf 24" panel PC, AC / DC power supply with automatic switch-over, a flush mount bracket, a separate interface-box and a trackball.

Easy Operation

The comprehensible and easy handling of ECDIS 24 is supported by the use of the well-known menu structure of Windows applications. Important functions are available via shortcuts.

Advanced Function

ECDIS 24 displays data from various sensors on board. Advanced functions include automatic route planning, ETA calculator, AIS data operations, and display of weather charts.

Free ECDIS Training

Raytheon Anschütz offers their customers certified ECDIS Online-Training courses for free as well as shore-based ECDIS training with established maritime training centers worldwide.

In addition to basic features, which are required as a minimum, ECDIS 24 offers advanced functionality regarding route, voyage planning and voyage recording that not only improve safety and ship’s efficiency but also reduce workload for the operator. Five different ranges of color are available for convenient operation under all prevalent lighting conditions.

Furthermore, we recommend fitting your vessel with two ECDIS. Depending on the flag state and area of operation your vessel will be ready for paperless navigation, which leads to significant benefits: Save money without paper charts, save overtime and manual corrections, avoid trouble with port state control!

Of course, Raytheon Anschütz offers customers manufacturer-specific ECDIS training for their navigators at attractive conditions. As a standard at Raytheon Anschütz, customers can rely on qualified installation worldwide and 365|24|7 technical support through the full lifecycle.

Visit the product page or download the brochure: ECDIS 24 - Retrofit Solution